For waxing please have at least 3 weeks hair growth for maximum results. Using the clean and hygenic PhD Waxing System a superb result is achieved every time with the use of a unique, completely disposable applicators.

Advice prior to waxing on the day of treatment:

  • Do not swim or soak in the bath
  • Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed.
  • Do not use oils or moisturisers on the areas to be treated.
  • Keep make-up to a minimum if facial waxing is to be carried out.
  • Do no exercise vigorously.
  • Do not bleach facial hair if it is to be waxed. previously bleached hair, when waxed, tend to break off at skin level.

Full leg inc. bikini line – 1hr – £29.00

Half leg wax (to above the knee) – 30mins – £16.00

Arm wax – 30mins – £16.00

Under arm wax – 30mins – £12.00

Lip wax – 15mins – £9.00

Bikini line wax – 30mins – £12.00

Brazilian – removal of hair with the exception of a strip – 1hr – £23.00

Hollywood – removal of all hair – 1hr – £27.00

Mens Half Back Wax – 20mins – £16.00

Mens Full Back Wax – 45mins – £25.00