Advanced Therapies

Bio-Brasion treatment diminishes lines and wrinkles achieving a smooth, radiant and glowing skin ready to absorb cosmetic formulations more effectively. This microdermabrasion treatment in combination with Bio-Therapeutic scientifically advanced preparations and homecare products, achieves a smooth and radiant complexion.

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting, often referred to as "non-surgical face lifts", provide visible results after a single treatment. This gives "instant gratification" which is seen so rarely as a result of other anti-ageing products or techniques.

Bio-ultimate Gold Non-Surgical Face Lift

Advanced micro-current facial toning & skin rejuvenation

This advanced system aids in reducing the signs of ageing by utilising a technology known as micro-current. Micro-current is a low level of electricity which mirrors the body's own electrical impulses. Through a series of treatments, facial muscles are re-educated to maintain a more youthful appearance. When used in conjunction with specialist skincare products and manual manipulations, these tiny micro-current impulses stimulate your body's currents, which result in visible firming and smoothing of the skin. Skin is re-hydrated, circulation is improved and a revitalised appearance is achieved.

Single Treatment
Course of 12

Crystal Skin Peeling / Microdermabrasion

A gentle and relaxing facial exfoliation which removes dead skin cells, eliminates blocked pores and blackheads. The Bio-Brasion treatment smoothes lines and wrinkles achieving a smooth, radiant and glowing appearance. The Bio-Brasion treatment works with a fine stream of crystals which are gently propelled onto the skin's surface. At the same time, exfoliated skin and used crystals are vacuumed away revealing rejuvenated and renewed skin.

Single Treatment
Course of 6
Ideal preparation for Bio-Ultimate Non Surgical Face Lift or the Nora Bode Oxyjet Facial (30mins)