Ionithermie by Kim on Tuesdays

Ionithermie by Kim on Tuesdays
  • Ionithermie removes cellulite, helps in weight loss, detoxifies and firms thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, chest and upper arms.
  • Men gladly melt stubborn love handles and beer belly.
  • Works great for people with problems such as water retention, poor circulation and slow metabolism.
  • Ionithermie is successfully used for muscle stimulation and mobility improvement in athletes and physically active people.

Ionithermie was invented in 1979 by French biochemist Olivier Fouche. Originally developed to treat arthritis, many added benefits become quickly evident.These benefits include detoxifying the body, emulsifying cellulite, slimming and toning while increasing metabolic rate.

The therapy has gone through 7 years of clinical researches and trials; the results indicate 1 – 8 inch loss in the treated areas of the body fat 96% of the subjects. These results anti-cellulite products that contain effective ingredients such as guarana, ATP, RNA, amino acids, essential oils and micro-algae.

In 1983, this amazing body corrective therapy started in the UK. Since then, Ionithermie has become favorite anti-cellulite treatment of millions of satisfied customers from all over the world, including celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum.

Ionithermie – 1hr 15mins – £59.00
Course of 3 – £165.00
Course of 6 – £295.00