Skinceuticals Skin Care Range

The SkinCeuticals Promise

Their Mission at SkinCeuticals is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, they make a simple promise - to provide quality products backed by science.  To maintain and improve skin health, an effective skincare regime must contain the three fundamental elements of Prevention, Protection, and Correction.

SkinCeuticals Facials

When facial creams and acne treatments at home are no longer doing the job to get rid of acne or lines on the face, a facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin especially when done by a licensed aesthetician. A facial treatment deep cleans the face, neck and shoulders, with the use of a facial mask, creams and massages. Facials tone, exfoliate, and moisturise the skin promoting a clearer, more revitalised complexion which helps your skin look younger.

SkinCeuticals Peel Treatments

SkinCeuticals Gel peels are light chemical peels which intensively exfoliate the skin to accelerate the cell renewal process. It stimulates collagen synthesis and improves elastin fibres in the dermis, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion. 

These peels work at a similar depth on the skin as a microdermabrasion treatment.  Our aesthetician performs these peels and they are quick, no fuss treatment with no downtime. Gel peels make the skin look brighter, improve light pigmentation marks and skin tone and reduce fine lines. They are a great maintenance treatment for a youthful complexion and ideal to have before a night out or special occasion.

For increased results and efficiency, it is important to ensure that the skin is in the best possible condition, both prior to and following any chemical peel.  Therefore, a homecare regime, tailored to your individual skin needs, is strongly recommended.

To prepare the skin for any aesthetic procedure, including chemical peels, it is recommended that a skin regime commences at least two weeks prior to any treatment.  This should include a topical antioxidant serum,to provide the skin with a supply of vitamin C, a product tailored to provide the skin with hydration and exfoliation and a broad-spectrum SPF.

Your skincare professional can recommend the optimum homecare regime for you prior to your treatment to address your individual skincare concerns. 

Products containing Retinol must be removed from your regime at least six weeks prior to any chemical peel treatment.

An information leaflet on SkinCeuticals Peel Treatments will be handed out to you at your consultation (This will include the skin regime recommended for your skin, by your skincare professional).

Skinceuticals Gel Peels
Perfect for photo-damaged and sensitive skin. SkinCeuticals professional gel peels are designed to gradually improve the appearance and texture of your skin without the irritation or disruption of lifestyle often accompanying chemical peels. Safe & effective, SkinCeutical gel peels are specifically developed for use with a homecare pre and post treatment regime. For optimal results, apply in a series of six sessions or in conjunction with other procedures or treatments. Your skincare professional will evaluate your skin condition and choose the most appropriate to you.
Single Treatment
Course of 6
Calming Facial
This treatment is designed to help calm and soothe acne/rosacea skin. The SkinCeuticals vitamin C masque will aid in reducing erythema caused by rosacea. The phyto corrective Gel acts as a hydrator, without leaving the skin oily, and its anti-bacterial/anti-septic properties help heal and calm acneic skin.
Acneic / Oily Skin Treatment
This treatment is to treat inflamed, irritated, acneic skin types. This treatment includes a detoxifying masque & soothing corrective and protective products. This treatment is ideal for the oily, acneic skin type sensitive to other products.
Skin-C Firming Facial
The Skin-C Firming treatment is ideal for the client who desires to have luminous, hydrated, firmer skin. The skin will look firmer & radiant.